The best solution for regulating work practice

For more than a decade, the Serbian Association of Employers has been actively dealing with and monitoring trends in the labor market, especially with regard to the deficit of professional staff and the position of young people who leave formal education without the practical knowledge that is necessary in a real working environment. Hiring persons who do not have previous work experience requires additional adjustments and investments in training in order to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to perform certain jobs, which requires additional investments and results in reduced interest of the employer.

In this regard, one of the most significant initiatives of the Serbian Association of Employers relates to the comprehensive reform of the education system, but equally important is the regulation of work practice as an opportunity to connect employers and young people without working experience.

Taking into account all the arguments, the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs has once again formed a working group that should find the best solution for regulating work practices, including representatives of the Serbian Association of Employers. Emphasis is placed on the drafting of the Law on Labor Practices, and not on the amendment of Article 201 of the Labor Law, as the Serbian Association of Employers initially proposed.

As a reminder, in 2021, within the framework of the work of the Social and Economic Council of the Republic of Serbia (109th regular meeting, held on January 26, 2022 in Belgrade), no consensus was reached on the Draft Law on Labor Practice, because neither the representatives of the Association, nor representative trade unions agreed with the proposed text either.

At today’s meeting, the Serbian Association of Employers discussed with its members the latest version of the Draft Law on Labor Practice, and consultations on this topic were also made possible electronically. We invite all interested employers to contact us and participate in the adoption of positive and encouraging regulations.

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