Delegation of SEC of the Republic of Serbia at the Summit in Thessaloniki

The Economic and Social Council of Greece is hosting the Summit “Economic and Social Councils as initiators of sustainable solutions for new challenges towards the integration of Southeast Europe” which is being held this year in Thessaloniki.

The summit was opened by the Minister of Finance of Greece, Christos Staikouras, and the Republic of Serbia was represented by: Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs Nikola Selaković, President of the Serbian Association of Employers Miloš Nenezić, representatives of social partners from CATUS and UBTU Nezavisnost, as well as the secretary of the Social and Economic Council of the Republic of Serbia Dušan Petrović.

The goal of the Summit is the development of institutional cooperation with partners, and the deepening of regional and social cooperation with neighboring regions. Consolidation and improvement of cooperation with neighboring countries is undoubtedly an important component of the common development path.

Within the framework of three separate panels, the mitigation of the impact of the energy crisis, cooperation in the energy sector for the purpose of sustainable development and regional integration and the accession process of candidate countries to the European Union were discussed.

The region of Southeast Europe, and especially the Balkans, is increasingly in the sphere of interest of the international community and the European Union, both from the aspect of geopolitical importance and investment opportunities. Strategic cooperation in the fields of energy, infrastructure, interconnection as well as the development of synergy in the fields of investment, business, knowledge, innovation, solidarity and reciprocity are key to integration.

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