About us

Unija poslodavaca Srbije

The Serbian Association of Employers (SAE) was established in 1994 as an association of citizens, in accordance with the legislation valid at that time. Changes in the laws of 2005 finally enabled SAE to register as an employer’s organization, in line with international practice.

The Serbian Association of Employers is a sovereign, democratic and independent organization joined by employers on a voluntary basis for the purpose of representing, promotion and protection of their business, economic, social and other interests in accordance with the law, its Statute, good business practice and business moral. 


Association as an independent organization of freely associated employers, which represents the collective voice of employers, advocates and protects their interests and helps employers to improve their business. Association promotes corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and enhancement of the business environment.

Association, through its mission and activities, as a responsible social partner, strives to contribute to the implementation and development of human rights and international labor standards, primarily those related to dignity at work and the fundamental rights of workers – the prohibition of forced labor and the work of children, freedom of association, the right to organize and collective bargaining, the prohibition of all forms of discrimination, gender equality and equal participation of women and men in all areas, equal remuneration for equal work and work of the same value and other rights.


Association is the leading and most influential organization of employers in Serbia and the region. We will be recognized as leaders of corporate social responsibility and a key generator of the sustainable business environment, with the goal to improve the position of employers, employees and the society as a whole, as well as the competitiveness of the economy of the Republic of Serbia, because a Strong economy is a strong Serbia

Today SAE gathers more than 133 000 members. This number consists of individual companies and collective members – territorial or sectoral associations. This organizational approach clearly defines SAE as a unique organization which differs from all the business associations of businessmen and entrepreneurs in Serbia.