President of Serbian Association of Employers at the Summit in Berlin

At the invitation of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the President of Serbian Association of Employers, Mr. Miloš Nenezić, was in Berlin on June 19-21, 2022, where he attended events organized by this partner employer organization.

On the occasion of the Day of Industry (TDI 2022), BDI hosted numerous panels over two days. According to all the presenters, the sustainability of enterprises and the growing demands of digitization impose further development of technology and the need for innovation, and the driving force of innovation lies in education. Therefore, it is justified to remind that numerous and oldest universities are located in Europe, as well as that financial support and sustainable finances are necessary. Also, concepts like digital agriculture, carbon capture and storage technology, quantum computers already exist, and their introduction or wider application is a matter of time.

The Federal Chancellor of Germany, Mr. Olaf Scholz, also addressed those present, underlining his recent visit to Ukraine and Germany’s determination to support its candidacy for membership in the European Union. A large part of the Chancellor’s address concerned the issue of energy. In this regard, the Chancellor emphasized the recently presented package by which Germany wants to triple the speed of expansion of sustainable energy sources, as well as the establishment of an international climate club that will specifically advocate at the upcoming meeting of the G7 countries, which will be held in a few days.

BDI marked the presidency of the Federal Republic of Germany in the G7 group, which brings together the most industrially developed countries in the world, with a reception for high-ranking officials and the B7 Summit, which brought together international business representatives. Following the agenda of this year’s summit of the leaders of the G7 countries, the business community paid attention to the geopolitical situation, the decarbonization of industry and the future of health systems. Pointing out their views on economic issues, business leaders underlined the danger of isolation within ideological blocs, the importance of developing artificial intelligence and new technologies that favor the preservation of nature and human health. Resilient supply chains are especially important, especially with raw materials for the production of semiconductors, which are important for the development and application of digital technology. On the other hand, data exchange and the fact that the same rules apply to all participants, regardless of whether they are located in Europe, America or Asia, are equally important for successful competition.

President of Serbian Association of Employers, Mr. Miloš Nenezić and Mr. Markus Beyer, BusinessEurope’s Director General

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