For a better business environment in Serbia – 14th session of the sae presidency

Strengthening the sectors, increasing the number of members, more intensive cooperation with social partners and international organizations, all with the aim of creating a better business environment in the Republic of Serbia – stands in the Work Plan for the next period, presented by the President, Milos Nenezic.  All of which were displayed today at 14th session of the Presidency of Serbian Association of Employers (SAE). The members of the SAE Presidency voted in favour of Milos Nenezic and re-elected him, President, for the next four-year term.

Reports on activities undertaken during the past three months were submitted: Reports on the work of the Executive Board, the Membership Sector, international activities and cooperation, public communication and activities of the SAE Secretariat.

The Report on the work of the Serbian Association of Employers during the three-year term of President Nenezic noted, among other things, that the organization of work, level and quality of activities of the Association were significantly improved in that period. Also, its reputation and position were significantly raised. This has contributed to the improvement of relations with the Government of the Republic of Serbia and trade unions. Also, within the framework of international cooperation, additional progress has been made. The most significant steps forward are the upgrading of the Association`s membership status within the umbrella organization of employers at the European level, BusinessEurope, from observer to associate member, and the election of Milos Nenezic for a member of the Board of the International Association of Economic and Social Councils and similar Institutions (AICESIS).

Following the strategic goals of the Association – strengthening the internal organization of SAE, as well as strengthening competitiveness, economic and employment growth in the Republic of Serbia and the Work Plan presented by President Nenezic during the inauguration at the Assembly the Association`s activities over the past period were aimed at improvement of business environment and economic development of Serbia.  Through the development of social dialogue at all levels and creating a regulatory framework to reduce the gray economy and tax burdens, building a professional and modern public administration, digitalization, reducing unnecessary administrative procedures, encouraging employment and building an education system in line with the needs of economy.

All this has contributed to the increase in number of members, so that today the Association represents a winning team and a leading organization of employers on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, along with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Also, the Association further raised its reputation during the state of emergency introduced to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, by providing expert advice to employers and advocating for measures aimed at providing support to companies affected by the crisis, as well as at preserving employment.

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