How to overcome the economic crisis – the Serbian Association of Employers and the ILO offer a path to solutions

Unija poslodavaca Srbije

Dear employers,
Aware of the unprecedented situation in the country and the world, caused by the COVID-19 Epidemic, we have committed ourselves to you employers, who carry the economy of Serbia, that we will step forward and do everything necessary to protect our society and our businesses – and the most vulnerable, to protect what we have devotedly built and what we are responsible for.

We have committed ourselves to emerge from this crisis stronger and better united.
Therefore, the Serbian Association of Employers, with all its activities and proposed measures towards the Government of the Republic of Serbia and other relevant institutions and organizations, seeks to achieve the abovementioned goals and justify its mission to protect the interests of the national economy.
In this regard, in order to adequately prevent problems and find solutions to overcome the crisis, in cooperation with the International Labor Organization, we have created documents that you can read here:

Business continuity plan for SMEs in the conditions of the COVID-19 Epidemic (
Statement of the Serbian Association of Employers on the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus and how we as a nation can react together (
An employer’s guide on managing the workplace during COVID-19 (

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