Three more initiatives of the Serbian Association of Employers

At today’s meeting of the Collegium of the Social and Economic Council of the Republic of Serbia, the initiative of the Serbian Association of Employers was submitted to adopt a quality framework for new forms of work that have become part of practice, such as work outside the employer’s premises.

The Serbian Association of Employers believes that it is necessary to carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of working outside the employer’s premises in order to ensure competitiveness of the domestic economy on the one hand, and improve working conditions for employees on the other.

It is necessary to specify the differences between working from home and working remotely through an adequate framework; introduce the possibility of regulating the employment relationship, so that the employee spends part of the working time at home; define obligations regarding equipment and means of work, compensation of labor costs, as well as obligations of employers based on safety at work. These and many other aspects of working from home are currently unregulated and therefore subject to arbitrary assessment and decision, which is not in favor of either employers or employees.

Two initiatives of the Serbian Association of Employers concerning the field of sports and physical education were submitted to the Collegium of the Social and Economic Council, which indirectly but very significantly affect the general physical and mental health of the nation, and thus the business and work environment. The first initiative is for the promotion of sports among children and youth, with an increase in the number of physical education classes in schools, i.e. the introduction of this subject in higher education institutions. The second initiative is a proposal for the adoption of a Code of Ethics in sports with the aim of educating society and preventively suppressing negative phenomena in sports.

The Collegium determined the agenda for the session of the Social and Economic Council, which will be held on March 24th in Kruševac.

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