Signed Memorandum on Cooperation between the Serbian Association of Employers and the Belgrade Open School

The Serbian Association of Employers and the Belgrade Open School signed today a Memorandum of Cooperation and announced more intensive work on joint projects.

“Today’s agreement actually formalized the multi-year cooperation between our two organizations. Until now, it has been very important for us to check our ideas and actions with a large number of employers who are members of the Association, and in future projects we will invite the Association to join as a partner. This is in the interest of the members of the Association, but also in the interest of all the groups whose interests we represent”, said Milorad Bjeletić, executive director of the Belgrade Open School, on the occasion of signing the Memorandum.

“We live in a time when no institution can educate a person and have him work with the same knowledge for his entire working life. It is necessary that we learn every day in order to keep up with the world’s achievements, because new forms of work require new forms of education, both formal and informal”, said Boško Savković, Secretary General of the Serbian Association of Employers.

He announced that the Association will continue to develop cooperation with relevant non-governmental organizations, which are recognized at the domestic and international level. Memorandums of cooperation were made official earlier with the European Movement in Serbia and the Yugoslav Lawyers` Committee for Human Rights YUCOM, and today with the Belgrade Open School. The goal is to form a core of high-quality, strong organizations that would cooperate with each other, achieve synergy, but also appear together before certain state and international bodies and institutions.

The Belgrade Open School is a non-profit, educational organization of civil society. Its goal is to strengthen human resources, improve public policies and strengthen the capacities of the civil, public and business sectors.

The Serbian Association of Employers is an umbrella and representative association that represents and protects the interests of employers and helps them improve their business.

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