The initiative of the Serbian Association of Employers for the reform of the non-tax revenue system was adopted

Social-economic partners have broadly supported the initiative of Serbian Association of Employers to reform the non-tax revenue system.

According to the chairman of the Social and Economic Council of the Republic of Serbia and President of the Serbian Association of Employers, Miloš Nenezić, this topic is yet to be discussed not only at SES sessions, but also in talks with relevant ministries and local governments.

At today’s 109th meeting of the Social and Economic Council of the Republic of Serbia, all partners expressed their thougths on the high need for an adequate education system. The chairman of the SES, Miloš Nenezić, pointed out that there is progress regarding this initiative, but also there is the need for changes to be implemented faster and more radically.

Furthermore, the Social and Economic Council supported the SAE initiative for the correction of fiscal policy through the reduction of excise duties on Eurodiesel fuel for the sector of commercial transport. The Ministry of Finance needs to express their thoughts on this initiative, in consultation with all social partners.

What the social partners have not yet reached a consensus on is giving an opinion on the Draft Law on Labor Practice.

“It has been noticed in most parts of the world and in all countries in Europe, that young people face a problem on the labor market. Their population records a higher level of unemployment,” said Darija Kisić Tepavčević, Minister of Labor, Employment, Social and Veterans Affairs. “The goal of the proposed law is to enable a young person to gain the necessary work experience as soon as possible after formal schooling, which is usually the condition required by employers.” We understood the trade union’s objection that certain changes are needed, that the deadline was too short, so we will set aside some more time, we will convene a working group in order to finalize this law. “

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