Serbian Association of Employers celebrates 28 years of work

On October 4th, Serbian Association of Employers (SAE) celebrates its 28th birthday.

Established in 1994, SAE started working on improving the business environment in Serbia. Since 2001, SAE has been part of the social dialogue, as a unique representative of employers in the Social and Economic Council of the Republic of Serbia.

Throuhout all these years, SAE represents the voice of the economy in all the bodies of which it is a part, in formal and informal activities. SAE represents the interests of employers in the Social and Economic Council of the RS, the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the RS, the National Employment Service, the National Education Council and all other bodies and places in which decisions are made about the creation of a business climate in our country.

SAE also represents the interests of employers in international organizations, forums and bodies. SAE continuously cooperates with the International Labor Organization, the International Organization of Employers, BusinessEurope and many others.

Today, Serbian Association of Employers has more than 130,000 members, enrolled on a voluntary basis and organized in more than 20 sectors, according to the areas in which they operate.

SAE can be satisfied with what it has achieved in the past year. SAE successfully negotiated the minimum wage, through dialogue we achieved an increase in the non-taxable part of the salary, as well as a reduction in payroll taxes. The price of electricity is extremely important for the economy, and we achieved a price freeze first, followed by moderate growth. For the future, it is extremely important that SAE has started the complex process of education reform. All this is only one part, because in the coming period, in very complex business conditions, we still need a lot of work to make the conditions for our companies equal to those of most countries in the surrounding area. This is something that we can only do with the joint effort of all of us who are involved in the work of SAE in different ways.

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