New proposals for the new composition of the Government of the Republic of Serbia

In light of the emphasized negative risks that could occur in 2022, employers are justifiably concerned about the operations of their companies. This was also shown by the Serbian Association of Employer’s (SAE) survey of employers’ attitudes regarding the increase in the minimum labor price.

When it comes to inflation, it is already on the rise in Serbia, and its further acceleration can be expected due to the increase in prices of food and energy on the world market, as well as a slowdown in trade and investment. These are all challenges that will have to be tackled seriously by the new composition of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, from whom employers expect well-thought-out support in the form of new public policies that will support further business and enable them to get out of this crisis without major consequences.

SAE is preparing a set of several important proposals that will present to the new Government of the Republic of Serbia solutions necessary for the stable operation of companies, their sustainable growth, strengthening competition, investments in human capital, as well as proposals for reducing regulatory costs for the economy in order to ensure the sustainability of economic activities and full employment in an uncertain environment.

In SAE’s survey, employers agreed that when it comes to the minimum labor price, it should be guaranteed and sufficient for existence. What multiplies the costs of employers when it comes to wages are high taxes and contributions, but also a large number of fiscal and parafiscal levies.

These are the reasons why SAE persistently advocates for lower business costs, a comprehensive fight against the informal economy and unfair competition, the minimization of bureaucratic procedures, as well as the intensification of work on the comprehensive reform of education and the National Employment Service.

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