New 153 jobs for 133 years of Trayal Corporation

Trayal Corporation has hired 153 new workers, and today they were solemnly presented with an employment contract at a ceremonial academy on the corporation’s premises. In that way, the company symbolically, but in a way that contributes the most to the development of the community, marked 133 years of its existence.

“Last year, 2021, was historic for us, with sales of over 50 million euros. It represents the crown of the revitalization process that began eight years ago, and during which sales increased by more than 200 percent”, said Milos Nenezic, CEO of Trayal Corporation.

This remarkable result was preceded by a failed privatization, in which this economic giant was brought to the brink of bankruptcy. The current management has taken over the company with over 100 million euros of debt and a mortgage on all four factories, which it has in its composition.

“Today we can say that we have completely regulated the entire indebtedness, at present Trayal Corporation has no mortgages, no loans from banks. There is no strong state without a strong economy, and there is no economy without strong companies, such as the Trayal Corporation, which has been the pillar of Serbia for more than 130 years “, says Nenezić.

Trayal Corporation, as one of the largest in the Rasina region, has a vision to be the center of economic and social life. The company does its best to spend most of its income in the local community and with partners from the surrounding area, as well as pursuing an active employment policy.

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