General Council of the IOE on the new reality and economic recovery

The meeting of the highest body of the IOE (International Organization of Employers) was held online on November 24, 2020. President Milos Nenezic represented Serbian Association of Employers.

The first part of the meeting took place in a solemn tone and marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of this organization, unique in its nature and role. A brief film was shown, which included the most important moments from the long history, which was accompanied by speeches by high representatives of the United Nations in Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and employers’ organizations of the most powerful countriesbased on economies.

The working part of the session was marked by discussions on the response of the IOE to the challenges of a new reality for employers and businesses due to COVID-19 pandemic and taken measures. In order to support its members, the IOE has held numerous virtual meetings and consultations with the highest-ranking leaders of the UN, the International Labor Organization and others, presenting the views and needs of business in the new circumstances.

More than 15 different documents have also been prepared – guidelines, advice and recommendations for members and a digital platform has been set up to speed up the exchange of experiences on the effects of the crisis and the measures taken.

The cooperation of the IOE with the World Health Organization was also discussed. From the very beginning of the pandemic, regular consultations were established with it in order to define the best recommendations for companies and their response to the changed conditions of safe work, which the IOE then submitted to the members. The IOE also regularly collected information “from the field” and reported to the World Health Organization on the results of the implemented measures.

Worker migration has also been a topic of conversation, as a global, national and local phenomenon. The need for companies to have access to an adequate workforce even in circumstances aggravated by a pandemic was underlined, as well as that restrictive measures affecting labor mobility present an additional challenge for them.

In the final part of the session, the members of the IOE confirmed the extension of the mandate of the members of the Management Board for one year. The decision was made partly due to the impossibility of conducting the usual procedures, and partly so that the mandate of the members of the Management Board would coincide with the mandate of the leadership of the International Labor Organization, which will have its elections in 2021.

The President of Serbian Association of Employers sent congratulations to the IOE on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its existence and successful operation, referring to the work of this organization, which took place not only continuously, but also with great dedication and success.

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