BUSINESSEUROPE – Council of Presidents meeting

Today (November 27, 2020) was held meeting of the Council of Presidents of Employers’ Organizations, members of BusinessEurope, during which Milos Nenezic represented Serbian Association of Employers.

Considering that Portugal will take over the presidency of the European Union at the beginning of next year, the virtual meeting was hosted by the employers’ organization of this country, and opinions on current topics and EU priorities for the next period were exchanged with the Prime Minister of Portugal. During the discussion, it was underlined that without competing companies, it is impossible to achieve the 5 key priorities of the Portuguese presidency, which are building a resilient, social, digital, green and global European Union. In that sense, it is important more than ever to avoid imposing new costs and obligations that will undermine their recovery.

Special attention was paid to the exchange of experiences on national measures taken in order to curb the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, both on the health of the population and on the national economy. The desire of national employers’ organizations to resolve the current delay in finalizing and adopting the EU Recovery Plan as soon as possible in order to start its implementation is noticeable.

For Serbian Association of Employers, which has been a member of BusinessEurope since 2006, of special importance during the session was confirming its membership in this organization, in the status of an associate member, although the Republic of Serbia is not a EU member.



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