An initiative to overcome the problems related to e-fiscalization

The Serbian Association of Employers (SAE) addressed the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Finance and the Tax Administration, requesting to extend the deadline for the implementation of the Law on Fiscalization, until the technical and other necessary conditions for its full implementation are met.

Lately, many employers and entire economic groups have contacted SAE, pointing to the serious problem of lack of fiscal cash registers on the market, ie lack of adequate hardware and software solutions for electronic fiscal devices, but also the problem of new bylaws, which was applied before the beginning of the application of the Law.

Employers point out that the period left for adjustment was not long enough, considering that the technical documentation for the new e-fiscalization model was changed and that the last changes concerning advance accounts were introduced in March 2022. Also, the first fiscal cash registers were available at the beginning of the year.

One of the main problems arose between employers and companies for the procurement of fiscal cash registers, who were late with their delivery. All these problems have led to a situation where many legal entities have not been fiscalized in accordance with the new model of fiscalization, and in order not to violate the Law they’ve been forced to suspend their work and close their companies. Due to this they suffer great financial loses, which could affect the employment status of employees.

It was highlighted in the initiative to take into the acount the fact that economic entities – obligors of fiscalization were responsible and took over all necessary activities in time, in order to reach the new fiscal cash registers within the legal deadline.

All these facts indicate that the legal deadline of six months for adjusting to the innovative system of fiscalization has not been properly thought out and determined, and that employers have been put in a stalemate without it being their own fault.

Considering the absolute importance of e-fiscalization, we kindly ask to find a way to delay the application of the Law and not sanction economic entities that for technical and other objective reasons are not currently in a position to start a new system of fiscalization and enable them to operate through existing device.

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